Browning M1900

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Alexander Orel


Alexander Orel

3D Artist


Hi! My name is Alexander Orel (Eagle), I am a beginner 3D-Artist.

Project ideas

I like the Realism style, so the idea of this project was to create a model for a portfolio as realistic as possible, I strive for the most complete reflection of reality.


References and inspiration

It’s no secret that you need to cover yourself with as many references as possible, be it pictures, articles, videos, etc. In Pure Ref, I always have +-30 photos with different angles. Before starting the simulation, it is better to find a video with the disassembly\assembly of the gun to understand how the model is arranged from the inside.



The whole modeling process takes place in the Blender program, in order to understand the exact dimensions of the model, I start the draft.

Blocking to give the exact dimensions of the model, then I model. (I arrange the basic forms).

Low-poly the whole geometry is optimized as much as possible, each vertex is functional, I arrange Sharp, I use Smooth and I do not need to redo the low-poly grid after completing the high-poly one. Sometimes I use the modeling method for Subdivision Surface, Boolean, after retopology. But specifically in this example, I immediately assembled Low-poly without a SubD

High-poly under the SubD, my favorite part, I make chamfers, details that did not get on the lowpoly sometimes I use sculpting more for chipping on the sides of the model. I do not regret polygons, I make the model super-detailed (the main thing is that the model can be opened at all).

Scan I cut Low-poly into a plane. I prefer the RizomUV program, although I still do the final packaging in Blender using the UVpackmaster plugin.

Baking is the stage of transferring the detail from High-poly to Low-poly.

Textures are made in Substance Painter, I don’t spare time for this stage, browning textured for a week.

Renders are done in the Marmoset Toolbag program.

Each stage is meditative, every step from blocking to setting the light, when I started this path I could not imagine that I would need to learn so many programs, for greater concentration I prefer Chinese Pu-erh tea



Low Poly


High Poly





It is extremely difficult to find information in the artistic part, most of the lessons are about buttons. A really cool course from Gianpietro Fabre, Wastelander.

P.S. I don’t like the work of 3D Artists who look the same as in profile courses, be artists, put a piece of the soul into your work and don’t be afraid to make the trigger of a gun purple.

Thank you Game Artist, good luck and kindness!