• fasttrack-tutorials-a-scaled


    Large Game Environment Creation – Fast Track Tutorials – 25% OFF

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  • Helmet_5

    Props, Realistic, Texturing

    Visored Barbuta Helmet – Prop Breakdown – Javier Osés

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  • 17-scaled

    3D Modelling, Props, Weapon

    Katana – Prop Breakdown – Hung Nguyen

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  • 1

    Photogrammetry, Props

    Fire Hydrants Photogrammetry – Prop Breakdown – Nikita Hrushevskyi

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  • D

    Environment, Interior, Props, Realistic

    Metro Train Interior Tutorial – Fast Track Tutorials – 25% OFF

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  • sasho_lazeski_cgma_zoloti_vorota_metro_01_edit

    3D Modelling, Blender, Environment, Fan Art, Substance Designer, Substance Painter

    Zoloti Vorota Metro – Environment Breakdown – Sasho Lazeski

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  • gioele-minigher-3

    3D Modelling, Props, Realistic

    Repulsion Axe – Prop Breakdown – Gioele Minigher

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  • aleksandr-silantev-artstation-2-scaled

    3D Modelling, Props, Vehicle

    Old Freight Car – Prop Breakdown – Aleksandr Silantev

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  • featured-scaled

    Character art, Fan Art

    Sherlock Holmes – Character Breakdown – Natalia Stolarz

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  • son-nguyen-10

    3D Modelling, Environment, Foliage

    The Guardians of Light – Environment Breakdown – Son Nguyen

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  • miroslav-baev-render-1

    3D Modelling, Fan Art, Props

    Alien Isolation Terminal – Prop Breakdown – Miroslav Baev

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