Character Breakdown

Sonu Biswas


Sonu Biswas

Character Hair Artist


Greetings, everyone. My name is Sonu Biswas and I hail from Delhi, India.

I'm a 3D Hair Artist with a professional tenure dating back to 2021.
Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of contributing to various AAA game projects.


At the project’s outset, I aimed to grasp the process of creating 3D characters using the AAA game pipeline.

I focused on acquiring skills in creating likenesses, designing clothing, and mastering texturing, shading, and rendering within a game engine.


  • PureRef for references.
  • ZBrush for the creation of high-poly models.
  • Marvelous Designer for Clothing Maya for the block out, modeling, retopology and UVs.
  • Marmoset Toolbag for baking.
  • Photoshop for editing.
  • Fibershop for making hair textures.
  • Substance Painter for texturing.
  • Unreal Engine 5 for Rendering.


I have a profound interest in Gothic culture and conceived the idea of crafting a character inspired by this aesthetic.


To make your artwork better, having good references is key – they shape what you create.
For this project, I gathered lots of references because I knew exactly what I was aiming for.

My main sources for references are Google Images and Pinterest.




When I first began working on my character, I started with the head. At the outset, I lacked knowledge about bone structures, muscles, and the right approach to take.

Fortunately, my friend provided valuable guidance and constructive feedback, helping me navigate through the process effectively.



Creating the outfit posed a technical challenge initially, mainly because Marvelous Designer was unfamiliar territory. I had to grasp the basics of the software before diving into the actual design.

YouTube tutorials offered a foundational understanding, and my friend provided additional assistance.

I found clothing patterns online, using them as a starting point to craft the outfit, and my friend’s feedback was instrumental in refining the final result.


Moving on to the shoes modeling was not an easy task.
Creating shoes for the first time can be challenging, but the satisfaction of crafting something unique and functional is worth the effort.

Each step in the process adds to the overall accomplishment.



Before adding textures, I retopologized my 3D model, mapped it for textures, optimized its structure and set the polygon count to fit modern gaming standards, all while preparing for rigging and posing later on.


Character Sheet

Below is a view of the character head & body profile.


Now comes the fun part—I had a blast experimenting with different textures and trying out various styles!

I used Substance Painter to add textures to my model, playing around with both the built-in materials and creating some of my own for a personalized touch.


Professionally, I am a full-time Hair Artist, so creating hair was an easy task for me.

However, I aimed to enhance the quality of the hair while being mindful of the polygon count.


Rigging and Posing I posed this character using Advance Skeleton in Maya.

I had some basic knowledge of rigging with Advance Skeleton from my school days, and I had a tough time painting skin weights.

Luckily, my friend helped me through it.


Some poses and lighting setups that I tried and tested.


Thank you for reading – I hope you learned something along the way!