Arcane Vi

Character Breakdown

Ama Ro


Ama Ro

Character Artist


Hello there! My name is Ama Ro, I’m a Character Artist from Puerto Rico.


In this project, I wanted to push myself and initiate a new wave of work that stands out from my previous pieces.

After a lot of research, I chose to begin this new wave of projects with the character Vi.

References & Concept

Once I had a solid block-in of Vi’s face and body sculpting, I began planning how to update her design while remaining faithful to the original.

I aimed to make these design changes feel more modern and realistic, avoiding a costume or cosplay look to achieve my vision of making her appear like a real person.



After finalizing my design concept, I used Marvelous Designer to block in the major garments for the outfit’s sculpt.


Once satisfied with the folds, I polished the exported mesh, added the accessories, and sculpted their details.


Upon completing the retopology, UVs, and bakes, I began texturing Vi’s head.

This is where I experiment with different skin variations, makeup (if necessary), eye colors, and lip shades.


My goal is to faithfully capture the likeness of the original character while adapting it to a more realistic style.

After making adjustments, once I’m satisfied with the overall look of her face, I move on to the hair.


I aimed for my rendition of Vi to have a hairstyle that maintained the original shape but with a more realistic flow. I wanted it to resemble a mullet rather than the original shorter style.

To achieve this, I created a concept to visualize the desired look, then constructed the hair using hair cards and applied them accordingly.


Once her hair and face are sufficiently polished, I begin texturing her clothing. At this stage, I experiment with different materials and fabrics to find what best matches her character and looks most appealing.

I strive to accurately capture the reference materials and make them feel as realistic as possible.


Finally, after completing the model, I focused on the lighting and rendering of the character. My goal is to create an interesting scene that also showcases the model’s details. I’ve been exploring environment creation and am pleased with the results.



This project involved a lot of hard work, but I’m very proud of the result. I’m incredibly grateful for all the support it received and excited for the upcoming projects in this new wave. I look forward to learning and expanding my skills to reach new heights.