Kylian Mbappe

Character Breakdown

Seung Hyuck Kang


Seung Hyuck Kang

3D Artist


Hello! My name is Seung Hyuck Kang, a 3D Artist working in Seoul, Korea. I majored in sculpture at university and have been working in this field for four years!


To be a professional modeler, I think having keen eyes is important.

Therefore, I’ve tried to create a portrait of the famous soccer player, Kylian Mbappe. I’ve worked hard to make it look like him and capture his vibe!


  • Reference image: Pureref
  • Modeling: ZBrush, Maya
  • Renderer: Unreal Engine 5
  • Texture: Substance Painter


I’ve tried to find as many images or photos as possible to create a realistic-looking Mbappe!

I found frontal, half-side, bottom, and top images of him and used them as references. The most important thing is to choose images that fit the mood I designed!



Understanding the principles of bones is crucial when creating faces of people. I’ve paid close attention to the space between the bones, especially in the eye area.

If the depth of this space is missed, the face can end up looking flat.

When making non-Asian faces, I often unintentionally create slightly flattened faces due to my familiarity with Asian faces.

To counter this, I always observe the eye bones from different angles and position them appropriately.


Be aware that the upper eyelid is more protruded than the lower eyelid. The skeleton around the eye is crucial for achieving realism.

Ensure there’s enough space for the eye before sculpting it to achieve human-like three-dimensionality.


The side of the nose is important as it supports the middle nasal bone. Remember that the nose has a trigonal structure when viewed from below.



The tip of the lip is challenging due to the intersecting muscles in that area. Pay attention to the space between the upper and lower lips.

Tips for Sculpting Faces

Basic facial angles are crucial. Periodically check for any major deviations or mistakes.

Utilize resources for reference, such as the Asaro Planes of the Head.
In Zbrush, you can split the screen(Transform>Split screen>lower the level ‘1’).

Here’s a link that provides excellent, free face-angle resources.

Football Kit

I start with a basic shape in Marvelous Designer for large wrinkles, then clean up the topology in Maya for UVs and add detailed sculpting in ZBrush.


When sculpting realistic clothing, I often create more wrinkles than expected.

I tend to add extra sculpting in ZBrush, especially on areas like the shoulders and chest plate.



Through this work, I’ve learned a lot of new things that I thought I already knew. Modelers need to practice observing with keen eyes. The human body is mysterious yet harmonious.

I aspire to be a skillful, professional modeler who continuously improves and produces high-standard artwork!

Thanks to Alfred for allowing me to introduce myself and share my tips through this article!