08 February 2021

BBQ – Procedural Substance Material – Abderrezak Bouhedda



About Artist:

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/abderrezakbouhedda

IG: https://instagram.com/artof_ab

I’m Originally from Setif, Algeria I’m a self -taught artist, I was a programmer before I used to create web security tools and encryption algorithms & networking tools, in 2015 I saw some 3D artworks on Social media and I liked them, I tried to learn how to do that, at the time it was a bit hard and challenging because it was something new to me.

I carried on practicing and I loved it really and I decided to be an Artist, so I kept improving my knowledge and skills more and more. After a while I found that this is something that could work well for me if I dived more into the Game-Art field, it was really fun and challenging.

I learned a lot from the free e-books and the paid ones that I bought to learn about Game Engines, Game industry workflows and Pipelines, especially some of the environment art ones which is what I prefere more than other stuff. I learned from other artists and I love getting feedback about my work it’s what brings me to this level.




Software used:

SubstanceDesigner (For material)

Marmoset Toolbag 4 (For rendering)

A brief description of the concept and how I created this work:

The idea came when I created the Cinnamon Rolls Material


I was thinking of a good idea to implement in Substance Designer. As a lover of cooking and baking, I was watching a cinnamon rolls video and I liked the idea and I found that it works as a material. I decided to make that by collecting different references and creating the whole material with the presentation of course.

After I did the cinnamon roll material. I decided to make a BBQ material, the idea was kind of complex to achieve, because I can’t have a void between the charcoal and the grill, then I did the charcoal material first.

Here are some WIP:

The charcoal was challenging really, I could do it in ZBrush and simulate that and make it tileable, but I wanted to create everything procedural from scratch.

I did this quick breakdown of the charcoal material, the goal was to have different main shapes of charcoal then, I splatter them using the Shape Splatter node and extract the data from the splatters to have more control over the shapes.

The biggest challenge in making these works is always nailing the correct main shape which leads you to the right process because while looking at a reference it means you’re looking at the final result of what you’re working on.

Reading the reference and figuring out the main shapes from the final-result/real-version is challenging, what’s more, challenging than that is trying to translate that idea in the language of Substance Designer/Nodes and which nodes to use to get the main shapes, which effects to use to get the desired details, I try what my mind thinks is a good choice, if it’s not I’ll try different methods to nail the main shape then I start thinking about creating masks and details for everything.

After finishing the charcoal material, the good work began, I started collecting references from google, I created a simple grill then I did the blockout of the sausages.

Here are some WIP shots:

I didn’t like the sausage shape at first, also the grill, Special thanks to, Anfal Bellil, Khayyam Naghiyev, Nikolay Marinov, Kejti Balla, they helped me a lot with visual guidance, sharing ideas with me too, their feedback was helpful really. I realized that sausages looked like plastic and needed more work.

I pushed myself more to give it more realism and details by looking at different references to see what works well for a tasty look.

After few attempts I got this:


It was looking a lot better and of course I kept polishing it, then it felt like it needs something else. I decided to keep it simple and in the same time, gorgeous. I added burger steaks juicy on top and added some chopped herbs.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

And this one for the color & roughness: